On9 – the new shopping experience


Groupe le PonPon is very excited to announce our new expansion to L’accessoires.

In order to expand our services for our valuable designers and shoppers, effective March 9, 2015, L’accessoires will be making room for our new event, On9. Creations showcased at On9 will not be limited to only accessories and shoes, but will also extend to apparel, hair, and furniture. Also, one color/edition of every item will have an exclusive discount!

On9 will run every month from 9th – 28th. First cycle will start on April 9.

In order to be well prepared for the new expansion, we have decided to lower the curtain on L’accessoires this month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our designers and customers for your ongoing support for L’accessoires and we look forward to seeing you all at On9 this April.

Please follow us and like us on Facebook to keep yourself updated about On9. See you on April 9!

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