On9 – February 1+1 Party

On9 – February 2016  1+1 Party

For the upcoming February round of On9, we are going to have the 1+1 Party.  Event will be held between February 9th, 2016, 12:00PM SLT  to February 28th, 2016, 11:59PM SLT.  You can choose one of the following options to participate:

  1. 1+1 Designer Collaboration
    • Bring your designer friend to On9 as a guest, and work together to create a set of products
    • At least 1 type of product from each brand
    • Guest designer cannot be any On9 participant from the last 3 months (October, November, December, 2015)
    • Refer to our blog post at https://on9sl.wordpress.com/ for the past participants
  2. 1+1 Matching Collection
    • Create matching products for him and her, for her and her, or for him and him
    • We highly recommend to create two different products as a match, some modifications on the mesh of the first product to make the second product is acceptable
    • If only one type of product is created, please create two special color/texture for your product and mark them as the matching pair
  3. 1+1 Stylish Combination
    • Create a collection with 2 different type of products
    • Examples: Earrings and Necklace, Top and Bottom for apparel, Couch and Coffee Table, EyeShadow and Lipstick
    • For pose maker: please make at least one set of pose for two people, it can be for the same gender or both genders

On9 Event Items Specifications

  • Item(s) must be exclusive, never previously sold
  • Item(s) cannot be sold at another location during the event cycle
  • Item(s) cannot be a recolor or re-texture of an old/existing item previously sold
  • Item(s) can be resold in your store after the event ends
  • For Non-Gacha Participants
    • 1 Color/version must be set at discount while the rest at your given price range
    • Discounted item should be at least 20% off or more
    • Discount item cannot be replaced by the discount on fat pack, all color pack, or full set pack
  • For Gacha Participants
    • Maximum gacha machine – 2
    • Each gacha machine must have:
      • A minimum of THREE different type of product
      • Different product means they must be in different mesh/sculpt/prim

Example: Three types of product: Apple, Orange, Pear

    • Different colors/textures of the same product would be counted as 1 type of product

Example: Red apple and green apple will be counted as 1 type of product

    • At least 1 rare item


On9 Event General Specifications

  • 20 prims (land impact) allowed for vendors per designer/brand in designated area
    • For Option A: 1+1 Designer Collections – both brands will be in the same designated area (booth)
    • Refrain requested from any heavy scripts or disruptive builds to neighboring designers
    • No modifications to the event structure
  • Setup time February 4th to 7th 9:00PM SLT, we will also announce through the group
  • Notify us ahead of time if you are unable to participate, minimum of 5 days notice would be appreciated
  • Notify us ahead of time if you will be late, 2 days notice would be appreciated
  • Vendor pictures or product poster must be sent to LePonPon Resident no later than February 7th, 11:59pm SLT
  • Blogger review packs should be sent through Groupe Le PonPon group notices before the event opening to maximize coverage opportunities

On9 Event Price

  • 900L per brand
  • Payment is paid upon RSVP
  • All payments are non-refundable, non-negotiable, and non-transferable


  • There will be no exceptions or no changes made to the terms set here. In case there is a violation of this contract it will be considered as void as of thereof.
  • On9 will not be held responsible for any impediments that keep you from having your items ready in due time.
  • On9 does not take any responsibility if your items are not sold as you expect.
  • On9 reserves the right to grant or refuse applicants.
  • Terms subject to change without notice

Please fill out all required fields and complete the form below if you would like to apply to join. Please note, incomplete applications will be disregarded, as well as ones that don’t satisfy all terms listed. Lastly, we can only select a limited number of designers while taking into account designers already taking part; therefore, the result of the selection does not necessarily reflect our opinion.