On9 Terms of Service


On9 Terms of Service

Last updated: March 18, 2017

Event Description

Monthly event with exclusive items with one color or version to be at a discount (at least 20% off) while the rest at full price.


Basic Information and Requirements

  • Event runs monthly 9th (6am SLT) – 28th (11:59pm SLT)
  • Item(s) must be exclusive, never previously sold
  • One color/version must be set at least 20% or more discount from regular price
  • Participation fee of 900L per cycle


Event Items Specifications

  • Item(s) must be exclusive, never previously sold
  • Item(s) cannot be sold at another location during the event cycle
  • Item(s) cannot be a re-color or re-texture of an old/existing item previously sold
  • Item(s) can be resold in your store after the event cycle ends
  • Item(s) can be prim, sculpted or mesh


Event General Specifications

  • 20 prims (land impact) allowed for vendors per designer/brand in designated area
    • Refrain requested from any heavy scripts or disruptive builds to neighboring designers
    • No modifications to the event structure
  • Set-up time for each cycle will be the 5th to 7th of each cycle month, we will also announce through the group
    • Notify us ahead of time if you are unable to participate, minimum of 5 days notice would be appreciated
    • Notify us ahead of time if you will be late
  • For NON-GACHA Participants
    • One color/version must be set at discount while the rest at your given price range
    • Discounted item should be at least 20% off or more
    • Discounted item cannot be replaced by the discount on fat pack, all color pack, or full set pack (see our FAQ for more information)
  • For GACHA Participants (limited spots only)
    • Maximum gacha machine – 2 per brand
    • Each gacha machine must have:
      1. A minimum of THREE different type of product
        • Different type of product means they must be in different mesh/sculpt/prim
          • Example: 3 types of product: Apple, Orange, Pear
        • Different colors/textures of the same product would be counted as 1 type of product
          • Example: red apple and green apple will be counted as 1 type of product
      2. At least ONE rare item in each machine
      3. Suggested price per play: below 99L per play
    • We do NOT provide gacha machine and scripts (please avoid using heavy scripts for your gacha machines)
    • Please remember to provide demo if your products involve different sizes


Event Bloggers Specifications

  • Items for On9 must be sent through MuiMui group notices not later than the 7th, 9pm SLT. The sooner the items are sent to the group, the more time for bloggers to blog the products, which will give more exposure for your products and better for promotion
    • On9 is not liable for any private transactions
  • On9 bloggers are not obligated to blog all items sent to them


Event Prices and Packages

  • Single month cycle – 900L (to be paid upon RSVP)
  • All payments are non-refundable, non-negotiable, and non-transferable



  • There will be no exceptions or no changes made to the terms set here. In case there is a violation of this contract it will be considered as void as of thereof.
  • On9 will not be held responsible for any impediments that keep you from having your items ready in due time.
  • On9 does not take any responsibility if your items are not sold as you expect.
  • On9 reserves the right to grant or refuse applicants.
  • Terms subject to change without notice



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